Zytturm Triathlon

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for age group athletes are answered below. Please note that the official Swiss Triathlon Rules apply, which can be downloaded under: https://swisstriathlon.ch/download-center-2/

  • Is drafting allowed?

No! The Olympic and short distance races are non drafting races. There will be referees on the bike course who will issue a penalty if the rules are broken. We appeal for a fair sport and that every athlete abides by the rules.

  • Is it compulsory to wear a wetsuit?

According to the Swiss Triathlon competition regulations, the following specifications apply to age group athletes:
22 degrees and above: No wetsuit allowed
16-21.9 degrees: neoprene optional
15.9 and below: neoprene compulsory

The referee measures the water temperature on race day, which is decisive for assessing the temperature. Experience has shown that in recent years the water temperature has been such that there has been neither a requirement nor a ban. However, this is no guarantee.

  • Are aero handlebars permitted?

Yes, aero handlebars are permitted as long as the requirements of the Swiss Triathlon Regulations under 7.2 are met.

  • Can I also collect someone else’s race number?

Yes, as long as there is written proof that the other person also agrees to this, the race number can also be collected for other people.

  • Can I leave my sports bag in the transition area?

No. No personal items that are not explicitly needed and permitted for the race may be deposited in the transition area. There is a baggage depot within the transition area of the Olympic distance where bags can be deposited. The baggage depot will be supervised by volunteers at all times, but no liability will be accepted.