Important swimming information

Important swimming information

Dear athletes

The rather cool temperatures so far have unfortunately caused the water temperature in Lake Zug to rise only very slowly. We would therefore like to summarise the most important points for swimming. The current regulations of Swiss Triathlon apply.


Students (Schüler/innen) and youths (Jugend)

The water temperature must be at least 18 degrees Celsius for the swim to take place. If the water temperature is lower, the swim will be omitted for safety reasons and replaced by an additional run before the bike. The additional run would be as follows:

Students 10/11: run around Rössliwiese
Students 12/13: Turning point 800m lap (same turning point as in 2nd run Students 10/11)
Youth 14-17: Turning point 800m lap


Short and Olympic

At a water temperature of 15.9 degrees and below a neoprene is compulsory!
Without neoprene you are not allowed to start and there will be no refund of the entry fee.

At a water temperature of 12.0 – 12.9 degrees the swim distance for the Olympic distance will be shortened to 750m.

The water temperature will be measured on race day by the official Swiss Triathlon referees and communicated via the speaker.