Zytturm Triathlon postponed to 11/12 September 2021

The current epidemiological situation unfortunately does not allow us to hold the Zytturm Triathlon in June 2021. Therefore, the OC has decided to postpone this year’s Zytturm Triathlon to 11/12 September 2021.

As last year, athletes who cannot participate in September can postpone their entry to the 2022 event or apply for a cancellation with refund of the entry fee. All athletes will be informed about the options via email soon.

We regret that the Zytturm Triathlon cannot be held as planned this year and will have to be postponed until September. However, we are confident and are continuing to work on the preparations in the meantime so that we can still hold a successful Zytturm Triathlon this year.

The OC of the Zytturm Triathlon