13. Juni - 14. Juni 2020 

Zytturm Triathlon




Easy and fast online registration opened on 17.12.2018. The late entry fee is CHF 20.- (except the categories Schüler and Jugend). No repayment of the entry fee. A corresponding insurance can be signed when registering online via Datasport.


It is recommended to travel by public transport. There are no parking spaces available in the city center.


The athletes are responsible for their equipment. The upper body must be covered. Changing clothes may only be done in the transition area. Mobile phones, MP3 player, etc. are prohibited.


Doping controls are possible at any time and must be accepted by the participants, regardless of  having a Swiss Triathlon license or not. The participants acknowledge the performance of the controls in accordance with Swiss Olympic regulations. Those who disobey the rules will be disqualified at least from the competition. Further sanctions are expressly reserved. The regulations can be found on the Internet at www.dopinginfo.ch. Beside the lists of prohibited substances and methods, the permitted drugs available also on www.dopinginfo.ch. 

Telephone hotline for medication information: 0900 567 587 (2.40 Fr./min.).

Finisher Tent / Refreshments

The finisher tent is located at Landsgemeindeplatz. See location plans under Races/Courses.

Event Photos

Photos can be found on the internet page from Datasport. 

The Copyright rules from Datasport apply. 


The wardrobe can be found at starting point for the swimming (Badeplatz Seeliken). See location plans under Races -> Courses. 


All participants take part at the event entirely on their own risk. The Organisator does not accept any liability for any accidents, damages or any other kind of losses.

The Organisator will not return the registration fee in case of a "no start". The participants have the possibility to buy an insurance in the Datasport portal. 

Info desk

The Infostand is located in the Landsgemeindeplatz. Here you can get information related to the event. See location plans under Races -> Courses. Übersichtsplan.


There are several parking possibilities in Zug. If possible, it is recommended to park in the parkings Frauensteinmatt, Altstadt-Casino or Athene. These Parking Houses are marked on the location plans, which can be found under Races/Courses. 


Awards will be given to the first 3 participants for each category of Swiss Triathlon circuit, Short distance Series and Youth League, the first 8 male participants and the first 5 female participants in the Swiss Triathlon circuit "pro"-Races (in the years when a "pro" race is organised) and the first 3 Relays.  The participants must pick up the awards personally. Legal claims are not accepted. All participants will get a present in the starting bag. 

Bike service

Cycling Lounge Zug is offering on Saturday and Sunday a bike service. The Bike service team can be found beside the transition area. 

Ranking lists

The ranking lists will be published on www.datasport.com

Participation regulations

The participants need to follow the current racing regulations of Swiss Triathlon, the general circulatfion rules on the public streets and the indications of the jury and the helping persons. By registering to the event, each participant accepts the rules of the Organisator. 

Medical support

The participants are supposed to have the necessary fitness and health, needed to take part as such an event.

A medical support place is to be found on the Landsgemeindeplatz.

Please note the following health tips:

  1. You are suppose to have the fitness and health state needed for such an event. Should you have any medical issues in the days before the competition, it is recommended not to take part at the event. Should you be over 40 years old, a medical check is recommended. Should you have any medical issues, please consider a medical check before the competition. 
  2. Prepare yourself for the competition. Drink 2-3 liter per day and take care of the nutrition. A good nutricition, enough sleep and the regenerative training are recommended in the weeks before the competition. 
  3. Take care at the nutrition on the day of the event. You should try to have the last meal at least 3 - 4 hours before your starting time. You can still drink till 30 minutes before starting. 
  4. Aid stations can be found only on the running track. Make sure that you have enough water and food for the biking part. Make sure to drink enough, especially if the weather is hot. 
  5. Make sure that you dress up appropriatly to the weather conditions and if needed, that you use sun creme.
  6. Make sure that you use the appropriate pace for you to be able to get to the finish line. Finishing in good health should be your target. 
  7. Should you have any health issues, please ask the help of one of our supporters, one of the medical asistens or of other competitors or people you meet on the way. The organisators will organize professional help for you as soon as possible.
  8. It is mandatory to help another participant in case he or she has an accident or medical problems.


Samstag (Schüler und Jugendliche)


14:45       Kids 6-7 

12:20          TRI Circuit (TC) Experience

15:10       Kids 8-9

12:30          TRI Circuit (TC) Team Olympic

15:45       Schüler 10 - 11

12:35          TRI Circuit (TC) Competition Olympic

16:30       Schüler 12-13 / Jugendliche

18:20       Youth League


Relays are a team of 3 or a couple (team of 2). The relay competition is available only for the TriCircuit Competition distance. During the event, the chip has to be transferred from one person to the other. There iwill be ranking lists for male, female and mixed teams.

Bib Numbers

The start numbers must be weared in front while running and on the back while biking. The start numbers must also be fixed on the bike. The starting documents for the TriCircuit competition will handed over only to the participants having a licence or having purchased a daily licence.

Number Pick-Up

The   number pickup can be done until 30 Minutes before the start of each   categorie, on Saturday from 13.00 - 18.00 and on Sunday from 6.30 Uhr, in the   event tent on the Landesgemeindeplatz. The Bib Numbers for Sunday can be picked up also on Saturday, 15.00. We would like to ask the participants, if possible to take advantage of the possibility to pick up the numbers on   Saturday. 


Start- and Finish is at Landsgemeindeplatz in Zug.

Training Days

You can join our Training Days Events: “Lauftechniktraining” and “Schwimmtraining in open water”. 

Training Day Running, June 6th, 2018, 18.30 Herti Leichtathletik Stadion

Training Day Swimming, June 12th, 2018, 18.30 Seebad Seeliken


A triathlon EXPO will beside event tent. -> see Races/Courses


Please visit the internet page of Zug Tourismus www.zug-tourismus.ch in order to see possible accommodations in the area. 


The official sponsor for nutrition and refreshments of the Zytturm Triathlon is WINFORCE. For security reasons, there is no refreshment point on the bike course. Own bottels can be filled up with Winforce products before the start. On the running track water, sponges and Winforce products will be offered. For the competitions taking place on Saturday, there will be a refreshment point at the turning point. On Sonday there are 4 points for the short distance competition and 6 for the Circuit Series. After the finish line the participants get offered Coca Cola, Winforce products, aater, cakes and fruits. The refreshment tent can be found on the Landesgemeindeplatz near the finish line.


Each participant has to make sure that he or she has the required insurance. The organisators will not return the money to the participants which are not able to take part to the event. Datasport is providing a cancelation insurance. Using this insurance, the participants have the possibility to insurance the paid participation fees. The participants have the possibility to confirm this optional insurance during the registration to the event. Conditions can be seen on the internet page of datasport. 

Transition Area

Only participants to the event can enter the transition area. The trainers, coordinators or supporters are not allowed to enter the transition area. It is not allowed to ride the bikes in the transition area. The bikes must be put on the supports to the allocated numbers. The bikes and the equipment for the competitions must be checked out on the day of the corresponding competition, according to the communicated time plan. The check out has to be done on Sunday latest by 13:00, after this time, the transition area will be no longer supervised and needs to be cleared. The bikes not picked up will be left beside the transition area. 


Timing will be done by using a Chip. The chip must be given back to Datasport. The Chips will be collected immediately after the finish line. The missing chips will be invoiced to the participants with an amount of 50 CHF. The missing chips will be automatically locked and can not be used for other events. 


A refreshment point will be organised after the finish line.